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Malaysian Dessert Recipes

Here is your delicious dessert-list of Malaysian Dessert Recipes. Malaysian Dessert is a Asia Famous dessert which originated from Malaysia, is composed of two regions-Peninsular, or West Malaysia and East Malaysia. They are separated by the South China Sea. The populations highly diverse mix, in which ethnic Malays and Chinese form the largest groups and smaller ethnic groups include Indians, Pakistanis and Tamils. You can discover many delicious dessert of distinct in Malaysia. Dear Dessert’s lovers, are you like Malaysian desserts? If you are, you will like the variety of dishes of Malaysian Dessert. Here, we had covered the Introduction and famous foods of Malaysian Dessert for you. Enjoy your stay with BestDessertGuide.

Durian Jelly Recipe
Here is your delicious dessert-list of Durian Jelly Recipe. The main ingredient of the dessert is Durian. Durian is a kind of fruit that usually loved by Malaysian. The smell of Durian sometime cannot accepted by some people but you will love it after you dine it. Here, BestDessertGuide will show you, how to make Durian Jelly in easy way. Enjoy your stay!

How to make Durian Jelly (For 4 person serving)
The following ingredient which you prepare:
50ml UHT milk
50ml Evaporated milk
1 tablespoon Custard powder
100g Durian flesh
110ml Coconut milk
150g Castor sugar
12g Agar-agar powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
200ml water
160ml UHT milk

Step to make Durian Jelly
Step 1: Mix UHT milk and Evaporated milk in a small bowl.
Step 2: Using blender, puree durian flesh together with the coconut milk until smooth.
Step 3: Combine UHT milk, Evaporated milk and pureed durian and set aside.
Step 4: Put water, milk, sugar, salt and agar-agar powder in a saucepan and boli for 5 minutes over a medium low heat, stirring frequenly until it comes to a gentil boil.
Step 5: Pour in UHT milk, Evaporated milk, puree durian flesh #and coconut milk mixture.
Step 6: Bring to a low simmering boil for 3 minutes.
Step 7: Remove from heat.
Step 8: Pour the durian agar-agar mixture into a wet individual casings.
Step 9: Leave to set at room temperature before moving into the refrigerator to chill before serving.

Penang Rojal Recipe (For 2 persons serving)
Here is your delicious dessert-list of Penang Rojak Recipes. The main ingredient of Penang Rojak is fruits and vegetable. Dear dessert’s lover, Penang Rojak is a special dessert but easy to prepare. From BestDessertGuide, you can learn to make it at your home. Here, we will show you how to make Penang Rojak. Enjoy your reading!

How to make Penang Rojak
The following ingredient which required preparing:
1 small jicama
1 cucumber
1 green mango
1 bean curd
Some cuttlefish
Sambal Rojak sauce
Some sesame seeds and ground peanuts
1 big bowl
Step to make Penang Rojak
Step 1; Peel the skin of cucumber and green mango.
Step 2; Cut small jicama, cucumber and green mango into small pieces.
Step 3; Boil bean curd for 3 minutes and cut into small pieces.
Step 4: Boil cuttlefish for 3 minutes and set aside.
Step 5; Combine all the ingredients into a big bowl. Add the sambal rojak sauce.
Step 6; Top the salad with some roasted sesame seeds and ground peanuts.

Dear Dessert’s lovers, Malaysian Desserts are usually using fruits as their ingredient like coconuts, and Mangos. You are welcome to dine delicious and diverse Malaysian dessert. In generally, you are available to make Malaysian Durian Jelly and Penang Rojak by cooking techniques and ingredients given. If you would like to know more about Malaysian Dessert, let keep exploring this site, so that you won’t miss your favorite Malaysian Dessert.


  1. Malaysia comprises three races, which are the Chinese, the Indians, and the Malays, so there are three main types of cuisines in the country. This affects the dessert recipes as well as the savory ones. Malaysians love to use sugar and coconut milk in their dessert recipes. Thanks a lot.

    Malaysian Recipes

  2. Well, to begin with, Rojak is not a dessert, period. it is more like a salad, or a snack. Then there is the fact that there are more than the three races mentioned. There is the Eurasian community, of which is comprised the Portuguese community of Melaka, whom, not usually included by outsiders in the cultural tally of Malaysia, have been living in Melaka since the 1500s. I would have included sugee cake, which is the dessert that is synonymous with the Eurasian community. Sugee cake, with its generous usage of almonds, and topped with royal icing is too scrumptious for words. The Peranakan community has its own list of desserts and teatime snacks as well.